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Portable Q Switch nd yag laser skin care machine

Utilizes the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, which permeates through 


Model: SQ-2

Therapy Technique Principle

Epidermal and dermal pigmentation therapy

• Utilizes the explosive effect of the Nd: YAG laser, which permeates through the epidermis into the dermis containing the pigment mass. The laser pulses in nanosecond, super high energy. This causes the pigment mass to swell quickly and break into small pieces, which are then eliminated through body’s metabolic system.

Capillary vessel dilation therapy

• Utilizing Nd: Yag Laser heat, the laser is absorbed by the capillary vessel hemachrome, causing the capillary vessel to become blocked and then disappear.


1/ Removal of Body tattoo, eyebrow tattoo and red lips

2/ Pigment pathology of skin, for instance, the blue, black, red, Brown

3/ Skin rejuvenation


Light source

Q-Switch ND: YAG solid-state laser


1064nm, 532nm, 1320nm

Output energy Level


Pulse duration


Repetition Rate

1-10hz adjustable

Light guide beam

650nm red laser

Cooling System

Built-in distilled water-circle system

Controlling system

10.4inch TFT color touch screen

Power requirement

220V,10A,50/60Hz; 110V,10A, 50/60Hz

Machine dimensions


Net weight


Treatment advantage

1.No harm to the hair follicle and normal skin, leaving no scar.

2.The latest hi-tech of laser explosion in a twinkling.

3.Short treating time and easy operation

4.High quality controlled solid-state laser complying with international standard.

5.Computerized with big all color touch screen

6.Tiny sense of pain, Anesthesia is unnecessary in most cases

7.No downtime and interruption of routine activities, no side effect.

8.Extensive patient and fast return of investment.


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