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Vginal HIFU machine

Vaginal HIFU Machine is with different focused depths transducers directly treat for the muscular mucosa, fiber layer and pelvic fascia layer.


Model: V-HIFU

Work Theroy

* Vaginal HIFU Machine using the latest and noninvasive High intensity focused ultrasound technology with different focused depths transducers directly treat for the muscular mucosa, fiber layer and pelvic fascia layer.

* Using High intensity focused ultrasound waves as the energy source and taking advantages of penetration and focusing, the Vaginal HIFU Machine output High intensity focused ultrasound energy heating treatment area more than 65℃ to stimulating collagen hyperplasia, realigning muscular mucosa, fiber layer and pelvic fascia layer.

* Also Vaginal HIFU Machine can accelerate abilities of vaginal metabolism and self-healing. Then, customers can expect nature, no downtime and amazing effectiveness for Vaginal Tightening.


*potent firming effect to improve sexual life;

*private lubrication of increasing secretion and eliminating dryness;

*improving private sensitivity by cell regeneration for reaction enhancement;

*comprehensive improvement of private health and reducing infection;



Vaginal HIFU Operation Interface

12inch’ Color Touch Screen

Vaginal HIFU Technology

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Vaginal HIFU Transducer

3.0mm, 4.5mm

Vaginal HIFU Transducer Pixel Pitch

1.0mm-3.0mm (Step 0.1mm)

Vaginal HIFU Energy Output

0.1-1j Adjustable

Vaginal HIFU Treatment Length

5mm-25mm (Step 1.0mm)

Vaginal HIFU Transducer Lifespan

3.0mm 10,000 Times

4.5mm 10,000Times

Vaginal HIFU Power Supply

220/110V; 50/60Hz

Vaginal HIFU Dimensions


Vaginal HIFU Net Weight


Trolley Dimensions


Trolley Net Weight


Treatment advantage

1. Do not need special care, just need the normal clean

2. There will be slight swelling of the vagina after surgery, but don`t worry ,it generally subside about 5 hours. Appearing a tiny little white energy point in some parts after treatment, but these are usually normal mild and transient responses.

3. Some people after make a treatment, vaginal mucosa will appear small blood spots, but it will automatically disappear in a few days and weeks. The reason is that the operation is improper , too much energy focus on the mucosal layer .

4. After one months , you can do other treatment.

5. After treatment ,you do not feel discomfort, can have sex life after one week.


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